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Distance Learning

Dear W.L. Morse Parents,

The Public Schools of the Tarrytowns will be closed for an extended period of time. We have spent time prior to this point in preparation for an extended closure. To help prevent regression in skills and concepts learned in school this year, teachers have provided assignments for students to complete at home. The assignments selected by your child’s teacher will provide weekly practice with reading, writing, word study (spelling) and math. Home instruction will begin Friday, March 20, 2020 and the required assignments will be sent digitally Friday morning by your child’s teacher through the Remind App. The assignments will also be posted to the school’s website.

The home assignment packet will be sent through the Remind messaging system. Students can complete the assignments by looking at the digital documents and record the answers on a separate paper. Another option, if available at home, is to print the digital homework and write directly on the printed page. If technology does not exist at home, paper packets of the digital work will be available outside the front entrance of W.L. Morse School on Friday.

For every 5 days of school closure, students are asked to complete the following:

Grade 1

1. 3 separate sessions of reading for 20 minutes in a book or on RAZ-Kids (online books (

2. 2 math worksheets

3. Review 2 weeks of Fundations

4. 2 responses to a writing prompt

Grade 2 1. 3 separate sessions of reading for 20 mins in a book or on RAZ-Kids (

2. 2 math worksheets

3. 1 Fundations worksheet

4. 1 response to a writing prompt

Students can select which worksheets to complete first. It’s suggested that students choose worksheets that can be completed independently, unless parents can provide assistance. The work is being provided to parents in order to support their child while school is not in session. However, if the work is not completed, it will not affect a student’s homework grade. All assignments completed during this time will be ungraded and used for practice purposes.

If you have any questions regarding the assignments, please e-mail your child’s teacher. Parents will also be receiving communication directly from their child’s teacher.

Mr. Walley
W.L. Morse School Principal

Distance Learning Letter