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How Do You Feel?

Author and illustrator Lizzy Rockwell was welcomed at W.L. Morse School to share her new book, How Do You Feel?, with students and guide them in discussion. The book uses art to reveal a variety of changing emotions of ten children playing in a city playground. Because it is visual storytelling, it allows readers to interpret the facial expressions, events and interactions their own way. 

As Ms. Rockwell read the book and engaged students in conversation about finding positive resolutions, their responses were overwhelming! One student suggested that the girl in the book could take some deep breaths to calm herself. Several students identified that a shy girl with a jump rope could really use someone to suggest that they play.

Another student keenly noted that a child in the book didn't just say that he was sorry - he acted upon it by helping to clean up. We thank Ms. Rockwell for spending her day with us and helping us to think about how we - and others - are feeling. And how we always need to be kind.