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Poem In Your Pocket

“Do you have a poem in your pocket?”

Morse first and second-graders asked that question throughout the day on Thursday as they celebrated “Poem in Your Pocket Day.”

The tradition of reading a poem aloud to a friend or classmate is part of National Poetry month.

Students from Joy Sherwood’s second grade class brought the initiative back to the school.

“Poems teach you how to read and they are entertaining because they have silly rhymes,” said second-grader Kellen McGuire. 

Each student chose a poem and wore a small pocket around their necks or placed the poem in a real pocket. If they didn’t bring a poem to school, there were pockets filled with poems in the hallways. 

The children first presented their poems to the school during an assembly.

“I hope Poem in Your Pocket fosters a love of poetry. It also improves listening and speaking skills,” said Sherwood.

Some of the poems the children chose were “Falling Up”, “My Brother is a Quarterback”, “I Am Nobody. Who Are You” and “Today’s My Unbirthday.”