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Washington Irving Fifth Grade Celebration

Fifth-graders at Washington Irving celebrated their three years of elementary school during a special ceremony on June 26, as their families and friends cheered and wished them the best of luck at Sleepy Hollow Middle School.

Principal Thomas Holland had some words of wisdom for the students to take along their journeys. He  told them to embrace being uncomfortable, “That is where you will achieve the greatest things in your life.”

Students received the Citizenship Awards from the Doubletree Hotel, the New York State Comptroller’s Achievement Award, the County Clerk’s Distinguished Student Award, the Attorney General’s Triple “C” Award and all fifth-graders were recognized for their work and effort at WI.

There were few dry eyes as the audience watched a video “Your Three Words,” where every fifth-grader held up a sign that expressed what WI means to them. Such phrases as: The Best Three Years, Best School Ever and I’ll Miss W.I. were popular themes.

The teachers made their own video wishing the students well encouraging them to follow their dreams, trust themselves and to be kind.

Before processing out of the auditorium, the students sang “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” to their guests.

Thank you to the Concert Band and the Washington Irving Chamber Ensemble who shared their talents.