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Electron Microscope At Washington Irving

Fifth-graders at Washington Irving observed the world in a whole new way when Sleepy Hollow High School students showed them how to use an Electron Microscope.

Hitachi loaned the device to the Public Schools of the Tarrytowns and after Jason Choi’s AP Chemistry students became familiar with it, they shared their knowledge with the younger students.

The WI children said how they liked seeing items in greater detail, thought the device was cool and one said even a little creepy! 

Prior to working with the electron microscope, the WI students watched a video explaining how it works and they also used compound light microscopes, which have more than one lens and a light source. The electron microscope has a greater magnifying ability.

The fifth-graders studied a microbiology unit and then applied that knowledge to this hands-on work. "Having an electron microscope here, in our schools, is amazing," said teacher Sherri Spagnoli. "The fact that we had the opportunity to be trained to use it is also amazing."

A kindergarten parent attended the Family Science Night in the fall and forged a relationship with Mr. Choi and Hitachi.

After seeing a picture of a chicken nugget under the microscope, one student said, “I am never eating chicken nuggets again.”