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Heritage Day

Each year the third-graders at Washington Irving celebrate their different cultures during Heritage Day. Families provided dishes from their homelands for everyone to enjoy in their classrooms and students displayed replicas of famous sites from different countries.

Before the feast on June 7, students and families watched a performance by the third-grade classes. The theme this year was Fables.  Students worked with Director Peter Royston – brainstorming different ideas and then wrote short plays with their own dialogue and scenes. They based the stories on ancient Fables like those written by Aesop, or more modern fables by writers like Arnold Lobel.  

“The universal morals or lessons behind fables make them perfect for young people, but what I like especially about our program is that by allowing kids to write their own dialogue for these plays, they take ownership over the stories themselves,” said Royston.  Royston also said the children in one class though the moral at the end the story was too sad. “They had their characters go through the same process – and made a better one.”