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Fifth grade artists are busy finishing up the 2019 Legacy Project!

The subject of the project is Endangered and Threatened Animals of New York State.

This year’s project combines two basic concepts and techniques: milagro and repousse.
Milagro means “miracle” in Spanish and is a special object that is carried for personal protection or
good luck. Milagros can represent specific objects, persons or animals. They might represent a
concept that is symbolized in a specific miracle. We represented 60 endangered and threatened
animals in metal to represent our concern and hopes for the survival of the endangered animals and
that they don’t face extinction.
Repousse is an art form originated in France, where images are shaped or ornamented with patterns
in metal relief. These images are made by hammering or pressing on the reverse side of sheet metal.
We embossed images of animals into copper sheet metal. The 60 metal squares were glued onto
canvas panels where we created an abstract background in acrylic paints. In addition, we are
embossing every fifth graders name into the piece.
The background was made by using a variety of printmaking techniques. Organic shapes and motifs
from nature were overlapped in an elaborate series of applications. Students experimented with
sponging, both positive and negative stenciling, using acrylic paints and glazes.


student artwork

Students working on art