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Sixth-Grade School Hike

Sleepy Hollow Middle School students enjoyed their first hike of the school year on Sept. 20 when they explored the Old Croton Aqueduct Trail. Sixth-graders, all of whom are members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers Team, are students in Michelle Sciullo, Kirk Dietz, Mayerlin Strippoli and Mayra Yepes’ classes. 

 This is one of the many team traditions for sixth-graders. Students had the opportunity to join the runners’ group or take a more leisurely stroll along the path. The activity builds community allowing students get to know each other and their teachers on a more personal level. An added benefit, students from the runners’ group often join the cross-country team in seventh-grade. 

 Michelle Sciullo's social studies classes are learning about the Paleolithic and Neolithic time eras and they have learned different techniques that prehistoric people used to create stone tools. The students took advantage of the natural resources along the trail and every student had the experience of trying to create a stone tool. 

Additional hikes will take place during the year.